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creative services for socially and environmentally engaged businesses

bee flying from bachelor button flowersFuture Primitive Graphics is dedicated to contributing to positive environmental and social change in our world.

As an eco and socially conscious graphic designer, clients span diverse industries. Particular attention is on creative collaborations with those who want to make the world a better place with their products or services. As such, for moral and or ethical reasons, there are certain types of businesses this studio chooses not to work with.

The likes of climate change affecting our planet at an increasing rate are very real. So too are our oceans and waterways being clogged with plastic pollution. Mindsets need to change! So if you’re a company or business who’s all about your own agenda, and simply focused on making a buck rather than making a difference, you may be turning away a significant portion of your audeience. Consumers ARE taking notice of your actions!!

“Socially-conscious businesses are finding more favor with consumers than ones who merely do self-serving promotions.”


bringing awareness for positive change

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
-Dr. Martin Luther King

From Social Responsibility, Racial Injustice, Sustainability, Environmental Awareness to Animal Welfare, there are some amazing people and organizations that are rallying for change. Those bringing awareness to the many options we have available to make positive changes in our world and where we choose to spend our dollars.

As an advocate for sustainable principles, pertinent information to bring awareness is shared via social channels such as Twitter. Tweets are unapologetic especially with regards to being a voice for the creatures we share our planet with who cannot speak for themselves.


working with me…

“artists, designers and photographers have the potential to impact our world in profound ways”

Bee on Dahlia flower original art photographyAre you a mover, shaker — an eco-innovator?

Are you leading the charge or settling for mediocrity?
Do you view cynicism as a “resistance to change?”
What’s your purpose – your “why”?
What truly inspires you?

If you’re a socially and environmentally organization and find yourself wanting to lead rather than follow, let’s start a conversation.
I’d love to be the design partner on your next creative project!

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“Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts” …. Reduce-Repair-Reuse-Recycle