What is Print Collateral?

print collateral tri-fold brochureWondering what print collateral is?

Print collateral materials are essentially a collection of printed “leave-behind” marketing materials.

They can be utilized to support the product, service or event your company or business may be trying to promote.


Printed collateral materials are part of a company’s marketing and advertising assets

In today’s competitive landscape, you need to provide supporting information about your company’s products or services. Printed materials give folks something tangible to read over and refer to.

Your business success may depend on how well you communicate what you have to offer. With the right information, it can assist towards closing a sale.

Types of printed marketing materials come in a vast array of sizes and formats. So depending on your needs, budget or promotion, there are many options available.

Examples of print collateral materials can include:

  • Marketing brochures
  • Leaflets and pamphlets
  • Direct mail, postcards
  • Business cards and letterheads
  • Newsletters
  • Pocket presentation folders
  • Thank-you cards
  • Posters and fliers
  • Sales sheets and more


Trade shows or other public facing events…

empty exhibit boothImagine you’re participating at a trade show or other public facing event. If your booth is a blank slate, it’s going to be pretty unappealing to attendees. That big bowl of candy on your table may be enticing to folks but it will do little for them to remember you.

If you doctor your booth up with a select group of printed materials that folks can take with them, it will be much more of a visual reminder of who you are. They may not need your products or services at the moment. But having something tangible to give them can be great for future reference.

Trade shows can be a bit hectic. Lots to see in a short space of time. Having “take-away” materials enables folks to visit your website or learn more about you more at a more leisurely pace. Doing so could lead to a sale or collaboration down the road. So it’s better to have those pieces on hand than not.

No budget for a brochure?
Try a Rack Card instead.

rack-card and literature holdersA brochure may be more than you need and perhaps out of your budget. However, coming in at 4″x9″, rack cards can be a less expensive yet viable option. They offer a good amount of space for images and text with whatever you may be looking to promote.

These little marketing pieces can work double-duty by acting as a mini-brochure. Inexpensive plastic stands are available which fit them perfectly without taking up too much real-estate on your table. Plus they fit in a standard envelope should you need to mail them.

Check out your local Visitor’s Center…

visitor center display of rack cards If you have any doubts about the viability of a rack card, stroll into any Visitor’s Center or Hotel Lobby. You will see an entire display wall – if not two or more of rack cards!

The photo to the right is from one of the Visitor’s Centers in Santa Fe, NM. They have two large walls dedicated to just rack cards. They’re great for promoting local places, events, services and more.

Designed well, they’re visually appealing and folks naturally gravitate towards them.


Postcards: they’re not just for mailing…

Another option for print collateral is a postcard. They’re not just for mailing!!
With varying sizes available, these too can work double-duty. They provide more surface area to incorporate info and images about your business. You can also utilize these to include a special promotion with a discount for services or products. They can include a promo code so if you chose to, you can track their performance.

Postcards may seem like a thing of the past given our digital landscape. However, inboxes are now inundated and filled with marketing emails which can average over 120 per day if not more.

Considering our tendency to hit the delete button due to overload, now may be a very good time to send out a postcard to promote your business. It may allow you to stand out from the crowd!


At least have Business Cards – YES, they still matter

Business cards still matterAs mentioned above, at the very least you should have business cards. They are inexpensive, can make a nice statement allowing you to be more memorable and are still a worthy investment.

Depending on your business and budget, you can get super creative with business cards. And when/if applicable use BOTH sides of the card!

A little story on an unusual business card…
Attending an art show over the holidays, a vendor who made jewelry out of old guitar strings had their business card in the shape of a guitar pick! It was so unique!

The kicker with this little guitar pick-shaped business card is I passed it along to a friend/colleague with a penchant for bracelets. Shortly thereafter they became a customer of this guitar string jewelry vendor.

So YES, business cards still matter! You just never know when – or where someone will ask you for your business card. So keep a little stash with you at all times. Trust me on this!

“Many businesses may be moving away from creating any printed materials at all, but depending on your industry and target market, printed materials may still be necessary to reach the entirety of your audience and as a viable part of an integrated marketing strategy for your business.”

Do you still need print collateral materials?

question marksDepending on the industries you serve and where you choose to promote your business or services, the answer is likely yes. Certain types of printed marketing materials may be advantageous for you to have on hand. At the very least you should have business cards.

Want to get even more creative? You could do stickers, book markers or countless other things to change things up. Using these types of marketing support materials will certainly vary depending on your company or business.

You don’t have to print thousands!
There was a time if you wanted to have materials printed, you’d have to print thousands. And often that was way more than you needed. However, now with digital printing, you don’t have to print vast amounts. You can actually have much smaller print runs based on what you need. This alone can save you $$$. And it avoids unnecessary paper waste making it friendlier on the environment. That way you’re not left with a bunch of printed materials you cannot repurpose.


Print Is Still Alive…

crime-scene- tape print is not deadDespite popular belief, print is NOT dead!

While its usage may have shifted, if you look all around you on a daily basis, you will see print is still very much alive!

Communicating your message via different forms of printed collateral materials continues to exist. Truth be told, a diverse marketing strategy still utilizes some traditional means which includes printed collateral materials.

Company’s may have chosen to scale back on creating certain items or their printed quantities reduced. Some materials may have been replaced by a company’s website or perhaps an online .pdf brochure you can download over a printed version. But give folks an option. Because not everyone wants to view a brochure or the like via a digital device such as a tablet or smartphone!


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