project consultations


ready to take the next step with your project?

notepad for an initial consultationWhen you take your car to a mechanic, or go to the Docs to be treated for an injury or illness, each will ask you important initial questions about your “symptoms”. This allows them to gather some info and gain a better understanding of the situation, how they may help you and what the best solution may be to resolve it.

Initial consultations for new design projects work in a similar way. They are a 30 minute complimentary, non-sales pitch opportunity to learn more about you, your business and your project’s objectives. They are “Discovery Sessions” where we delve a little deeper – because if there’s anybody that knows your business best, it’s you!


Getting Started:
1) Begins with your Initial Inquiry sent via email to

This is where you send some basic info about your project which includes:

  • Name of your business or organization.
  • What you do/your business industry.
  • Where you are located (City, State).
  • Brief description of the type of project/services you’re interested in.
  • Your url/website address. (if you have one)


2) Next, is the Project Qualifying Questionnaire
This is a few short questions which gathers a bit more details about your project. It is necessary to complete and return for review. Upon assessment of the information provided, it will determine whether we will move forward with a consultation.


3) Schedule your Consultation:
After the review of the Project Qualifying Questionnaire, if all systems are go, then we schedule a consultation.

Consultations are complimentary up to 1/2 hour. They are conducted by phone and scheduled during normal business hours M-Thurs 9:00-4:30 pm MST.


wondering why an initial project consultation necessary?

Along with the information in the box below, check out the post: I’d Love to Help You, But I Need Some info First…
It provides more detailed info – including how a consultation can say you money!

The following may help to clarify this…

  • Assessing what your actual needs may or may not be.
  • Consider the best solution for your particular project.
  • Other important aspects of your business which need to be
    taken into account and you may not have considered.
  • Gauge a client’s level of commitment to a given project.
  • Your budget. (YES, you need to have a budget in mind)
  • Determining if we may be a good fit moving forward.*

*Future Primitive Graphics focuses on working with socially and environmentally engaged businesses and organizations. As such depending on your business and or industry, we may not be a good fit.

why project pricing is NOT provided prior to a consultation

The investment necessary to bring a project to its fruition varies based on a client’s objectives, the project scope, appropriate design styles/trends, the technologies utilized for its proper execution and its final destination. As such, project pricing is NOT provided prior to an initial consultation.

Projects are assessed individually. Pricing info is estimated accordingly and provided AFTER the initial Consultation and upon review of the information gathered.