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See how you can style your space with prints and wall art to bring Nature Inspired Art Photography into your home, office or studio.

Visit just…b Photography on Fine Art America where you can view the entire Nature-Inspired Photography collection. Clicking on a image will show which options are available. You can purchase prints, wall art or select lifestyle decor!

The digital photography is all original. It’s a visual exploration into the beauty, colors and textures of Nature. Often the photos are micro-moments which may be otherwise overlooked. From flowers and grasses to butterflies and bees, the beauty of Nature is all around us! The photography has been shot mainly in various locations around New Mexico and Colorado at different times of year. Some also along the South Jersey shore.

just...b nature inspired art photography on Fine Art AmericaThe photos are shot primarily through an art photography lens which yields unique effects. The result can vary depending on the subject matter. Other times a regular lens is utilized and specialized filters are applied during post-processing to achieve painterly-like or other unusual effects.

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