Is Your Website an Oasis or a Desert?

Each day millions upon millions of searches are performed online by people looking for countless products and or services. Are they finding your business? Do you know which keywords they used to get to your site?

This information can be incredibly helpful for businesses. It can provide feedback as whether or not your website is an oasis or a desert to your visitors. However, without any reporting or monitoring tools installed on your website it can be difficult to know.


Google Analytics for Invaluable Website Data

google analytics site monitoring with Google AnalyticsMonitoring and reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) can provide invaluable information. This can include the pages folks visit most to the keywords used to find your site. The data can also act as a roadmap or “cheat sheet” which can help determine how your time, energy and marketing efforts may be best served to reach your target audience.

You can also monitor the performance on any paid/search engine marketing campaigns you may be running such as Adwords or other marketing efforts.

If you have a business blog, keyword info from the Search Console can provide you with ideas for new blog topics. And if you do not know already, blogs are for great as part of an inbound content marketing strategy which also supports your SEO efforts.

These tools can allow you to see how folks may be finding you as well as interacting with your website.

If you’re a DIYER (do-it-your-selfer) and built your site yourself, you may not know how to get these reporting tools in place. If so, do reach out to a web person. They can help you with that.


Your Website is an Oasis if…

website oasis Your website is likely an oasis to your visitors if you are continuing to provide value – staying on top of your business with what your customers may be looking for. You offer solutions and more.

You’ve recognized your website as a worthy investment. It’s easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. And you’re keeping your site’s content fresh, updated and interesting.

You reflect you are a trusted authority in your field which inspires folks to come back for more.

People see your site as a resource for information and may be more inclined to do business with you. Well done!!

Search engines such as Google and Bing may reward you with higher placement on an organic search results page. This exposure can potentially bring more leads or sales calls. It’s a win win situation!!


If Your Website is a Desert…

website-desertSadly, many businesses pay little if any attention to their website once it has gone live. Instead of keeping up with their site, they opt to only update their Facebook page instead. This is a VERY poor choice for a number on reasons!

What needs to be better understood is your Facebook page is a marketing channel. Whereas the goal is to drive potential customers to your business asset or “hub” – which is your website. Your site is where sales occur.

See this post on how Social Media Can Fail You to learn more…

From a search optimization perspective, ignoring your site for extended periods can spell death as Search Engines and users need a reason to come to your site – and they prefer high quality, relevant “fresh food”.

Unattended websites left “adrift” for months (or years) at a time with no updates or new content generally yield very poor performance. As such, keeping your website updated is incredibly important as it can contribute to the ongoing success of your business by continuing to add value for your customers.

It’s a misconception to think a website is a one time set-it and forget-it thing!


Which are You?

It is estimated that 40%-50% of small to medium sized businesses still do not have a website. So consider yourself ahead of the curve if you do. However, in our content-driven world, a website is never truly done. It’s more of a launching pad.

Thus it’s incredibly important to keep your site updated with relevant info that addresses your viewers or customer’s needs. This in turn supports your online search visibility.


Closing Thoughts…

A website is only as good as it’s performance in reaching your target audience and providing value – which ideally converts into leads or sales. So while ongoing maintenance is crucial, you must also keep tabs on how your website is actually performing with reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Without these important reporting tools and data, you may not even know if you’re getting any traffic to your site at all which could be costing you time and money!

So ask yourself: Is your website an Oasis or a Desert?


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