Green Gifts with Plantable, Seeded Holiday Cards and More that Grow

droopy little xmas tree with red ballAs much as the Holidays are a wonderful time of year, sadly they can be incredibly wasteful too. However, there are little things you can do to make your Holiday a bit “greener”.

Recycling your wrapping paper and Christmas cards can give you some eco warm and fuzzies. But millions of tons of Christmas cards and wrapping paper can wind up in landfills if they are infused with glitter which is then REJECTED for recycling. Bummer!!

Perhaps get more creative this year and opt for eco-friendly wrapping paper and Christmas cards and more that grow!


I came across a company called Green Field Paper Company. They are based in San Diego, CA and with Seed Paper and Hemp Pear, they create “Eco-Friendly Papers With A Purpose”. They are even a  Green America approved business.


Seeded Cards For Greener Holiday Gift Giving

seeded, plantable holiday cards

Green Field Paper Co has a “Holiday Collection” which includes seeded Xmas cards, 100% Junk Mail Holiday Cards and more!

Their GROW-A-NOTE® Holiday Cards are embedded with wildflower seeds. The cards are eco-friendly, 100% recycled, contain non-invasive & non GMO seeds, no chemicals or dyes and are made in the USA.

They have quite a nice selection of seeded cards which can be purchased individually or as boxed sets. They even offer custom imprinting services.

They even have plantable Holiday Ornaments – which are pretty dang cute too!
Like the plantable cards, they are embedded with wildflower seeds, 100% recycled, contain non-invasive & non GMO seeds, no chemicals or dyes and are made in the USA.


Plantable Confetti for Your Holiday Party

plantable holiday confettiHaving a special Christmas or Holiday Party or event? How about giving it an eco-friendly spin with some Christmas Leaf Eco Confetti. It’s plantable!! It can be a great accessory or accent for dinner parties or Holiday get-togethers. What a fun and festive addition to your table decorations! Your guests will love the little floral surprise in store for them – and it will certainly make your party not just “greener” but much more memorable too!

If Confetti that sprouts into wildflowers isn’t your thing, they have Leaf Shaped Plantable Herb Seed Confetti. You can add an eco-friendly touch to Holiday party tabletops with this leaf-shaped seed confetti that grows into a blend of basil, parsley and oregano.


Be an Eco-friendly & Ethical Consumer…

From plantable Christmas cards to seeded ornaments there really are little things we can do around the Holidays to leave less of a “foot-print” on the plant. Consider dialing it down a bit by shopping for more ethical gifts too. You CAN be an ethical consumer!

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With the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Holidays bring on a season of frenzied shopping. For those who are aware, “we’re reminded of how excess and the accumulation of STUFF contributes to the not-so-little environmental pickle we find ourselves in right now.

From plastic to food and electronic waste, there’s just too much of everything, isn’t there?”

And remember…

“Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts”


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