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graphic designer bio:
the creative behind future primitive graphics

When your values and your work are aligned is when you are really truly effective.

barbara rogers graphic designWho I am:
Barbara Rogers (aka just…b) – owner of Future Primitive Graphics – Graphic Design and Nature-Inspired Art Photography.

Having had the opportunity to reside in beautiful places in the southwest such as San Diego, CA, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Colorado – and inspired by Nature, an organic style is integrated into creations whenever possible. Rich colors and textures are infused into designs when appropriate and applicable — yet ensuring your message is being delivered to your audience but with a unique twist.

With a passion for this big blue marble we call home – and an extensive background in graphic design, I look to work with purpose-driven businesses who are innovators for the future as well as pillars in their community for environmental awareness, sustainable practices and positive social change now and for future generations to come!

What I do:
As a design partner and creative facilitator, my goal is to work with you to bring your vision to life. By getting to know a client’s purpose/objectives, a design direction is determined whereby creating visually engaging solutions which can be utilized in a wide variety of professional applications to address marketing challenges – elevating your business image which then better connects you with your audience.

This could be to design, manage and maintain print marketing materials and web content assets. Or to educate on ever-changing digital landscape and provide support (you don’t have to go at it alone).

Who I do it for:
Purpose-driven clients faced with marketing challenges who recognize the importance of collaborating with a creative strategic partner as an investment as it contributes to the growth of their business.

Working with a designer you are in a business relationship. Projects should be win-win for both sides as we are creating value for each other. As a trusted advisor/consultant, a mutually beneficial outcome is extremely important.

In action and positive feedback:
Need inspiration to see what’s possible with your project? Visit the Online Portfolio to view successful outcomes.
How I’ve helped – read positive feedback via the Client Testimonials page.

off-time and outdoor activities

Bee on Dahlia flower original art photographyAs an avid outdoor enthusiast, off-hours are time well spent via an array of activities. Snow is a personal fav allowing for snowboarding and snowshoeing. Hiking, mntn biking, gardening (there’s something to be said for digging in the dirt) or anything to still the mind, be present and take in Nature without distraction.

My foray into Nature-inspired Art Photography is a visual exploration into the beauty, colors and textures of Nature and its seasons.

Select landscape photography and imagery is available via Adobe Stock AND via Shutterstock. Both may be purchased for commercial licensing usage and utilized to complement your printed or digital written content.


“Change does not happen by a few ‘chosen’ individuals, but more often comes from ordinary citizens working to make a difference.”

my mission:
Future Primitive Graphics is dedicated to contributing to positive change in our world by creatively partnering with purpose-driven, socially and environmentally engaged companies, businesses or organizations who genuinely want to make the world a better place with their products or services. Learn more here…