Earth Day Ideas for Business Owners

“Each year, communities across the world celebrate Earth Day as a way to increase awareness of environmental issues”

earth day for business ownersEarth Day is right around the corner on April 22.

It may be viewed as just for “Treehuggers”. However, if you’re a business owner (who wants to make the world a better place with their products or services), then participating in a local Earth Day event could be a golden opportunity to introduce people to the things you offer and or do!


Depending on where you live, many of these are free community events organized by a city’s local Sustainable Council and created to showcase companies, agencies and organizations that provide products, services, resources and information to assist and educate residents in making more sustainable choices.

A Table for You

As a smaller local business, you may benefit from some local exposure. Think: getting in front of people who did not even know you existed! These are likely the very folks you are ultimately trying to target – who could become customers.

Large companies spend $$$ on attending trade-shows to share their eco goods or services. But such events are generally out of a small businesses’ budget. This is why a local Earth Day event could be great exposure at a fraction of the cost. No you may not have the same turn out – but it still offers an opportunity to let local folks know what you do and that you exist.

Because the fact is…

“Socially-conscious businesses are finding more favor with consumers than ones who merely do self-serving promotions.”

At your table be sure you have business cards – YES, they still matter! And some other type of supporting printed marketing materials that may further highlight your business and the other services or products you may offer. You want folks to remember you: )

eco-friendlyWant to take your “eco” up a notch? Then visit Botanical Paperworks. They offer an incredible array of “Green” promotional ideas which include plantable items that are infused with seeds!! Heck, you could take things further and have your business cards printed on “treeless paper” – which is literally paper made out of stone!! Learn more about Fiberstone treeless paper here.

No time to participate in a local Earth Day event? Perhaps consider being a sponsor. Reaching out to your local Sustainability Council or Board could provide you with info as to whether they have sponsoring options.


Be Careful of Greenwashing…

Transparency in business practices has become increasingly important to consumers. And not telling the whole truth could hurt you in your pocketbook – especially with the ability of social media to swiftly give you bad press. So be sure you’re not Greenwashing!

Not sure what Greenwashing is? A quick definition:
Greenwashing is making unsubstantiated or misleading claims about the actual environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company.


The Human Space vs. the Digital Space

eco hand with globeOur digital space currently occupies a tremendous amount of our time – often to a fault. To a certain extent we have lost sight with the actual human space. While you may be deeply engrossed with promoting your biz via Social Media or some other digital media channel or outlet, some face to face time with folks speaks volumes!!

I LOVE Earth Day events in general and have been attending them for some time. What can I say? it’s just part of my DNA. But I have met countless eco-minded businesses and have been turned on to their products and or services which I would otherwise have known nothing about – not to mention, they are right in my backyard!! And without fail, I make a purchase right on the spot to support these businesses as they have taken the time to really get in front of people. Folks are excited to share in real time and in the flesh!!

Let folks know where you’ll be.
If you do plan on participating at a local Earth Day event, be sure to let folks know where you’ll be. Update your main website with the info. Yes, just posting to Facebook may be easier. However, NOT everyone is on Facebook!! So be sure you are addressing the entirety of your audience!

And if you do need assistance with any of your promotional materials please do reach out. I’d love to help you prepare for the next eco-event!

Don’t poo poo that Treehugger!
So as a business owner, don’t poo poo Earth Day. That “treehugger” may turn out to be your best customer! Many communities have local Sustainability Boards which coordinate such events. Do some research. If you’re not participatng this year, put it on your radar for next year. You may be VERY surprised at the like-minded people and potential customers you reach!


eco-conscious graphic designer barbara rogersWritten by Barbara Rogers of Future Primitive Graphics. Graphic Designer and Nature Inspired Art photographer visually enhancing client’s print and digital media. Creatively collaborating with those who genuinely want to make the world a better place.