Earth Day 2017 Making a Difference vs. Just Making $$

earth day 2017 treeI’m a mighty big fan of this big, blue marble we call home. I love the trees and the critters we share it with too. So I get pretty excited when Earth Day rolls around.

This begs to ask the question: are you just into making a buck with your business – or are you looking to make a difference too?


Businesses can do more than they realize to reduce their carbon foot print – among other positive, environmental, or socially responsible practices. Furthermore, as a company or business, if you’re only about your own agenda, you may be turning away a significant portion of your audeince.

Because the fact is:

“Socially-conscious businesses are finding more favor with consumers than ones who merely do self-serving promotions.”


Things You Can Learn About…

Transparency has become increasingly important. Be sure you’re not Greenwashing! For the record, Greenwashing is making unsubstantiated or misleading claims about the actual environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company.

Get to know your supply chain. Is their labor Fair Trade?

Do you use excessive packaging or packaging that cannot be recycled or is not biodegradable? This can undermine the value of certain products and send a mixed message to consumers.

If you need to create printed materials, consider utilizing an alternative paper source such as Fiberstone – which is paper made of stone! Have a specialty event coming up? Consider seeded paper. While not appropriate for everything, it could be fun for little give away items such as bookmakers or the like.

b-corp be the change movementLearn about Certified B-corporations. Not sure what they are?

“B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

Patagonia and Klean Kanteen are to name but a few of b-certified companies. And the list continues to grow!

“B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk”

Check out this info too:
Triple Pundit – People, Profit, Planet
1% for the Planet Program – Join the global movement.
Become a certified Green Business – “the leading authentic trustmark for true green business practices”.

Earth Day 2017 Events Across the Country

“Change does not happen by a few ‘chosen’ individuals, but more often comes from ordinary citizens working to make a difference.”

Given your location, a simple search and your will likely find Earth Day 2017 events across the country. As individuals and families, I highly encourage attending such events. They can be a lot of fun! You may even learn about some pretty cool local businesses who really are making a difference. Your support can mean the world to them!

As consumers, ask yourself: do you really need more stuff? Scale back and be selective on your purchases. Seriously people, less really is more!

And given our current Political Admin, they seem to be hell-bent to undo any good that has been put in place to protect our environment. Or to deny the realities of human impacts on the planet such as climate change. The EPA matters. Think clean water, clean air AND clean energy! Access to public lands and supporting our national parks.

If this sounds like a rant, well you bet it is! And I’m completely unapologetic about it!!


eco-conscious graphic designer barbara rogersWritten by Barbara Rogers of Future Primitive Graphics. Graphic Designer and Nature Inspired Art photographer visually enhancing client’s print and digital media. Creatively collaborating with those who genuinely want to make the world a better place.