Your Logo – Creating Your Business Identity

your logoYour logo can be a crucial factor in establishing the identity associated with your brand. You want to create an identity that is distinct and sets you apart from the competition. Basically capturing the essence of your business in a logo design.

Picking a business name before your logo is created needs to be seriously considered. Such as “What may inspire the customer?” instead of simply what resonates with you.

A Logo Alone Does Not Sell a Brand…

While a logo alone does not sell a brand — the business/company and its reputation are responsible for the sale of both the brand and its logo. It is however, part of a business strategy – one that can help define your business to the outside world. Ideally your logo should be distinct and memorable. You want a design that’s unique to you and your business. One that properly represents your company ensuring that you’re consistent and recognizable across all media.

very recognizable logos


Keeping it Simple and Other Important Aspects

Notice the above logos – how simple and clean they are and yet so recognizable. Even without their actual brand names included, you immediately identify with who they are. Unfortunately and all too often folks want to cram too many elements into a logo – among other things. So keep the following in mind…

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”
~Leonardo da Vinci


Simplicity WILL serve you better! 
Think of some of the major brands and their logos: FedEx, Apple, Virgin — how simple, clean and recognizable they are. It also allows them to translate well across all of the media spectrums.

• Your logo should be created in a “vector-based” application such as Adobe Illustrator NOT Photoshop. 
A vector-based logo means it will be scalable to any size without losing quality or resolution. This is INCREDIBLY important!

Be open to the possibilities: 
While you may have something specific in mind, you just never know how your logo may evolve till it begins to unfold. This happens all the time and you will likely find yourself pleasantly surprised at its outcome.

Digital appearance (on a screen) vs. printed materials: 
Screen color appearance of logos (or any materials) WILL differ then how they look printed. Monitors & screens occupy a different color space so colors tend to be much brighter.

Turnaround time: No a logo is not created in a few minutes! Development of your business identity takes time. Generally speaking, it can take a few weeks. However, depending on a variety of factors it can take far longer.

Don’t outsource – or worse crowdsource! 
Do a little research and support your creative community. Work with a designer who you can actually communicate with and understands both print and web vs. a cheap foreign studio.

It’s an investment: 
A logo is part of your business development. And it should be viewed as an investment. That being said, considering what it takes to create/develop a logo, you should expect it to cost more than a pair of shoes or a night on the town!!


Making Sure Your Logo Does Not Look Like Crap

In closing, there are details in creating a logo that transcend understanding the client’s vision, company and target market which is why you want someone qualified in their field. One who understands which fonts to use and why — colors, effects and more otherwise your logo may wind up looking like crap!  It’s more than just aesthetics.

When you get serious about creating a brand for your company, you’ll recognize why you should work with an experienced professional.


eco-conscious graphic designer barbara rogersWritten by Barbara Rogers of Future Primitive Graphics. Helping businesses grow through better design and search visibility solutions. Creatively collaborating with those who genuinely want to make the world a better place with their products or services.