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website updates: maintenance, text, images, pages

website maintenance and updates services

Your company’s website is like a digital calling card. With 89% of customers searching the web before making a purchasing decision, your site is often the first interaction a customer may have with your business.

It’s essential to keep your website updated - ensuring it makes the best first impression on prospects. And it allows you to continue to provide value to your visitors and customers.

a stale website can reflect negatively on your business

Your website is a business information tool ideally designed to engage prospects generating sales and leads. A stale or unattended website left “adrift” for months or years can reflect negatively upon your business. It can project that you're taking a passive approach to your livelihood and the reason you're not getting as many calls or leads. And from a Search Engine Optimization perspective, neglecting your website for long periods can have negative impacts as well.

To remain competitive, a website requires regular maintenance and updates.
It's a misconception to think a website should remain the same indefinitely.

have an upcoming special event?

Your website is a business asset. By keeping your site properly updated, folks can easily find the info to your events on your site. Don't leave them in the dark or assume they will just go to your FaceBook page for info (not everyone is on FB).

Think Happy Hours, Fairs, Trade Shows etc. Make the info prominent and accessible!

Website updates services can include:

  • Updating or adding new text to your site
  • Updating or adding new images/photos to your site
  • Adding new pages to your site
  • Upcoming special events listings
  • Update Copyright or contact info
  • Site maintenance or updates as per request*

WordPress website maintenance services

Wordpress maintenance and updates services
If your website is running on a platform such as WordPress, maintenance can ensure your site/blog is working properly.

You're also staying current with the latest version of WordPress, your Theme is updated (checking for any compatibility issues) AND your plug-ins (which allow for additional functionality) are kept updated as well.

WordPress website maintenance services can include:

  • Adding or updating content such as text or images
  • Adding new pages or posts to your site/blog
  • Update WordPress to the latest release/version
  • Update your WordPress plug-ins (checking for any conflicts)
  • Install aproppriate WP SEO plug-in & optimize content
  • Set-up or perform database back-ups to prevent any content loss
    YES, this can happen!!

for ongoing website updates, consider a retainer

The best intentions aside, often business owners find that they are ill-equipped to properly maintain their website on their own as it takes more time and effort than they realized — time that could be best spent on their actual business.

For business owners or professionals who require ongoing updates or maintenance for their site or blog, a retainer could be an effective option. Learn more about them here: Retainer agreements for creative services - how they work and their benefits.

Future Primitve Graphics can tend to your site maintenance so you don't have to!

*Website Maintenance notes: Websites are updated, managed and maintained based on individual needs. However, Future Primitive DOES NOT manage Social Media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. nor does it monitor/respond to your Blog comments etc.

Whether it's a static website or a CMS - (Content Managment System) platform like WordPress, websites are a business tool. In order to remain competitive in our current online landscape, they require ongoing updates, maintenance and management for optimal performance.

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