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changes in studio services

Please Note:
As of June 2017, Future Primitive Graphics is no longer offering website design as part of its studio services.

Visual content creation such as web banners, image ads, graphics etc. are still an available service.

If you require Search Engine Optimization to improve your online visibility or updates and maintenace to your existing website, please see the info below


SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Your website NEEDS TRAFFIC and search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites beating out social media by a wide margin. Competition is fierce for placement in Organic Searches and Local Searches. SEO is necessary to rank in Search Engines but it's a “Marathon NOT a Sprint”.

Learn more about site optimization services here


Website Maintenance
To remain competitive, a website requires regular maintenance and updates. It's a misconception to think a site should remain the same indefinitely. A stale or unattended site left “adrift” can reflect negatively upon your business and could be the reason you're not getting as many calls or leads.

Learn more about website maintenance and WordPress update services here