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seo: organic search engine optimization services

“Good search engine optimization leads to a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to search engines, businesses and searchers.”

SEO for organic search
Being invisible online could be costing your business lost sales or leads. Without SEO you may need to invest heavily into online advertising, relying on paid ads to bring you traffic. Search engine optimization allows you to build up natural, organic traffic from search engines – traffic that you won’t have to continuously pay for.

Search Engine Optimization is - in essence, the art of getting your company or business to the top of search engines such as Google and Bing. It's basically part of your online marketing and NOT a one time set-it and forget-it thing. As search engines algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing, effective SEO is an ongoing process — one that is essential if you want your business to remain competitive.

Working with you to increase your online visibility
Navigating the SEO waters can be a bit murky. Future Primitive works with you to address your specific SEO needs as it relates to your business and specializes in maximizing your web presence and increasing your online search visibility via Organic and Local Search. Investing in Organic and Local traffic can be a great way to maximize your marketing dollars!

Search Engine Optimization services include*:

  • Audit of existing site for usability and Search Engine Visibility
  • On-page SEO assessment: relevant keyword phrases and text content
  • Optimize existing online properties/domains for those lacking SEO
  • For WordPress sites, install appropriate SEO plug-in and optimize
  • Local SEO - Google My Business & optimizing listings for Local Search
  • Monitor website performance data & traffic via Google Analytics
  • Develop long-term strategies for increased Organic Rankings

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in support of your SEO...
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including web banners, Adwords/PPC (Pay Per Click) and Remarketing advertising campaigns can be part of an integrated marketing strategy to initially drive traffic to your website and promote your business or offer.

Future Primitive can create your image display banner ads in an array of sizes and formats to fit your campaign's needs.

Paid search marketing may be great in providing quick initial results. It can also be very expensive if your campaigns are not monitored closely! However, you won't get any more visitors as soon as you stop paying for your ads and they are no longer visible.

Do note: Long term, Organic SEO provides far better results - which is built-up over time, are longer lasting - and is actually a much wiser investment.

*SEO Disclaimer: SEO is an Art Not a Science. Many things can affect how appealing or unappealing your site may be to Search Engines and or customers. Poor site structure, navigation, usability, long page load times, lack of or no new relevant content, not targeting the correct keywords/phrases are to name a few. And Google's algorithms are constantly changing which over time, can and do affect Organic Search results. SEO is necessary to rank in Search Engines but it's a “Marathon NOT a Sprint”.

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