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SEO — search engine optimization:
what it is & why it matters

"Good search engine optimization leads to a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to search engines, businesses and searchers."

on-page SEO for organic search
SEO (search engine optimization) is the means by which Search Engines and your customers find your website. As keywords drive customer's searches, business owners should have a list comprised of keyword phrases that they want to target. Furthermore, SEO is compromised of two primary components: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. And a properly structured, well-optimized website matters!

Folks need to be able to find your business online and if your site has not been optimized, it's highly unlikely people will find you at all! On-page optimization should offer relevant, well-structured content. However, keep in mind: "Search Engine Optimization is about putting your site's best foot forward when it comes to visibility in search engines, but your ultimate consumers are your users, not search engines."

As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you'll ultimately get more leverage by having links from other sites to yours — which in essence supports your Off-page SEO and they work together.
Think of it as: "On-page SEO is like your Resume and Off-page SEO are like your References".

"On-page optimization creates relevance, while building inbound links generates authority"

maximizing your website's visibility for Organic Search

In order to maximze your site's exposure and visibility, several key SEO aspects are necessary. On-page SEO for Organic Searche includes the optimization of your page tags including Title Tags* (the most important tag on any page), meta descriptions, H tags, quality text content, images and video etc. Knowing which keywords & keyword phrases to target and where they should be placed is imperative! Understand that keyword research is the foundation of an effective online marketing strategy.

Google Analytics
should be installed as it gauges site performance and traffic — where it's coming from and the keywords folks used to get there as well as many other important metrics. Consistently fueling your site with info such as blog posts containing great relevant content work towards your SEO as well. And keep in mind that "well-structured content is king"!

Google may be able to put you in front of people — but it's up to your content to deliver!

*Note: A Title Tag is what appears across the top of your browser on any page you may land on. They should be unique and representative of the content on the page.

optimizing your Wordpress site or site-builder template

seo for your wordpress theme
If you created your own website with a tool such as Go Daddy's Website Builder or downloaded and populated a web template or Wordpress theme, it is higly possible that your site is currently lacking any proper SEO structure or integration. In fact many folks do not even know which keyword phrases they should be targeting for their business and audience.

This is an all too common ocurrance among do-it-yourselfers who later wonder why they are not coming up on any Organic searches? And the truth be told, even many web developers & designers still do not incorporate and implement proper SEO into the initial development phase of websites.

Wordpress has some very good plug-ins for SEO. And no, it's not rocket-science. However they need to be utilized correctly in order for a website's on-page SEO for Organic Search to be effective.

SEO is part of a strategy - it's a "marathon NOT a sprint"

"A good search engine optimization strategy will help you to get high rankings that deliver targeted visitors to your website. The time and effort associated with SEO
are a wise investment."

Both On-page and Off-page SEO are part of a strategy and in essence "a function of the rest of your Online Marketing efforts". Understand that SEO is ongoing. It's not a one time set-it and forget-it thing. Getting to the top of page one on Google is one thing. Staying there in another one entirely!! Understand that the combination of an effective strategy will likely deliver the business results you wish to achieve!

Can your business afford not to be found?
Specializing in On-page SEO for Organic Search and SEO for Local Search, Future Primitive offers solutions to meet your SEO needs rather than a "package of services" you don't require.

Keep in mind that even the most visually sophisticated website won't attract customers or generate business if it can't be found.

*SEO Disclaimer: SEO is an Art Not a Science. Many things can affect how appealing or unappealing your site may be to Search Engines and or customers. Poor site structure, navigation, usability, long page load times, lack of or no new relevant content, not targeting the correct keywords/phrases are to name a few. And Google's algorithms are constantly changing which can and do affect Organic Search results.