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“Good search engine optimization leads to a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to search engines, businesses and searchers.”

on-page SEO for organic search
Everyday people perform millions of searches. Yet countless business owners continue to ignore the importance of SEO integration into their website —
or perhaps they don't know what it is?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of organically (sans any paid campaigns) getting your company to the top pages of search engines such as Google and Bing. And you need to know which keywords & content to target for your business to get there.

In today's landscape, SEO is no longer about just ranking for a few select keywords. It's about fresh content that talks, walks, and thinks like the consumer and answers every possible question or need they have.

In a nutshell: if your website lacks SEO it is essentially invisible online!

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YOUR NEED TO KNOW YOUR KEYWORDS! Keyword research relevant to your particular business and supporting text content on each page should be at the foundation of a website's development. However, all too often it is an afterthought. With the right keywords, it enables you to expand your visibility and gain new visitors who ideally become customers.

Anyone who wants to be found online should:

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How Future Primitive will work with you:
Specializing in On-page SEO for Organic Search to increase your online visibility and SEO for Local Search, Future Primitive offers solutions to meet your unique SEO needs rather than a "package of services" you don't require and why investing in organic traffic can be a great way to maximize marketing dollars.

Ongoing SEO support is offered by educating site owners why SEO matters and will monitor/evaluate what you need and or where there are opportunities for SEO improvement within your site.
SEO is part of a strategy and “is a function of the rest of your Online Marketing efforts”. Effective SEO is ongoing. It's not a one time set-it and forget-it thing and why monitoring your site's performance metrics matters. Getting to the top of page one on Google or Bing via SEO is one thing. Staying there in another one entirely! YOU NEED SEO to Rank in Search Engines however It's a “Marathon NOT a Sprint”

SEO services include: *If Google Analytics is not currently installed on your site, Future Primitive can install it for you.

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*SEO Disclaimer: SEO is an Art Not a Science. Many things can affect how appealing or unappealing your site may be to Search Engines and or customers. Poor site structure, navigation, usability, long page load times, lack of or no new relevant content, not targeting the correct keywords/phrases are to name a few. And Google's algorithms are constantly changing which can and do affect Organic Search results.