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how to get started with a new project inquiry

graphic design new project consulting in Santa Fe, NM Are you currently experiencing some marketing challenges with your biz? Ready to take the next step on a new creative project? Could your website benefit from some much needed maintenance or does your WordPress site need to be updated? Perhaps you'd like to increase your organic or local search visibility?

Faced with any of these creative business issues, there is likely a gap with where you are now and where you'd like to be. To close this gap and create a solution that is tailored to your needs, it starts with a consultation. This is where we delve a little deeper - because if there’s anybody that knows your business best, it’s you!

Getting Started:

1) Begins with your Initial Inquiry sent via email to
and requires the following information be provided:

2) Next, it’s necessary to gather preliminary info pertaining to your project.

The Project Qualifying Questionnaire is a few short questions which need to be answered and returned for review. Upon assessment of the information provided, it will determine whether we will move forward with a consultation.

3) Schedule your Consultation: Consultations are complimentary up to 1/2 hour. They are conducted by phone and scheduled during normal business hours M-F 9:00-5:00 pm MST.

*Project pricing is NOT provided prior to an initial consultation. See notes at bottom of page

why is an initial project consultation necessary?

Much like taking your car to a mechanic, or going to the Docs to be treated for an injury or illness, each will ask you important questions about your “symptoms”. This allows them to gain an understanding of the situation and what the best solution may be to resolve it. Initial consultations work in a similar way - to learn more about you, your business and your project's objectives.

Also for moral and or ethical reasons, there are certain types of businesses this studio chooses not to work with.

The following are some other key points of a consultation:

You may also learn more about working with Future Primitive Graphics here.

*Important Consultations Notes:
Project pricing is NOT provided prior to an initial Consultation. Projects are assessed individually and pricing info is estimated accordingly and provided after the initial Consultation and upon review of the information gathered as the investment necessary to bring a project to its fruition varies.