Direct Mail and Postcards as Part of Your Marketing

Direct Mail and Postcards as Part of Your Marketing

Direct mail pieces and or postcards may seem like a thing of the past given our current landscape and technology. However, with people’s inboxes getting completely inundated with marketing emails and a tendency to hit the delete button due to overload, now may be a very good time to send out sending out something tangible in print. This may allow you to stand out from the crowd!

If your audience is local and you are a new business, a postcard or direct mail piece could be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the neighborhood. AND you can include a special promotion to inspire folks to come and pay you a visit so they may see the great products or services you have to offer.

postcard direct mail piece

Oversized postcard designed and created by Future Primitive Graphics for local residential painting company.

Different Sized Postcards for Different Needs

While larger or oversized postcards are designed to be visually engaging ideally highlighting a new product or promotion (which is what you want) sometimes it’s more than you may need. A smaller postcard can act as a reminder to your customers for their business with a “We Miss You” promo which can yield a positive response. And it can still include a little “Thank-you” promo such as a discount on their next purchase. A little gratitude can go a long way! These little gestures of thanks can have you stand out from your competitors and who does’t want that?

direct mail postcard

Thank-you postcard designed and created by Future Primitive Graphics for online specialty retailer The Birdhouse Chick.

Tracking Postcards or Direct Mail Performance

With Email Marketing, you can track performance metrics via Open and Click-thru-rates. This allows you can get a sense of the success of a particular campaign or promotion. You can track the performance of sending out postcards too. By including a coupon code (if they have a special promotion) making sure that folks mention it so they may receive your offer etc.. And you can still invite folks to visit your website so that they may learn more about you, sign-up to receive special promotions via email or subscribe to your monthly newsletter or blog.

You can also do a bit of testing by sending out postcards to a segment of a list you have complied. Depending on the response rate, this may help you gauge how you’d like to proceed in the future. And thankfully with the advantages of digital printing, you no longer have to have thousands printed – which you may not need, is an additional expense and is a waste of paper and resources!

Direct Mail as Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

On the heels of the previous post Print is NOT Dead, an occasional postcard or direct mail piece may still be a viable option to deliver your message or special promotion and as part of an integrated marketing strategy. So before you completely rule out utilizing any type of direct mail for your business, ask yourself if by doing so are you potentially leaving out an entire segment of your target audience?

Many folks can select to receive special promotions via their Smartphone – which is all well and good. But the truth is, not everyone has a Smartphone – nor want one. So you may be inadvertently isolating a healthy segment of your audience by not sending out an occasional postcard. On the flip side, if you have determined that your audience is indeed all about Mobile marketing, then you’ve done your due diligence 🙂


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