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ad design as a creative business marketing solution

Advertising design is a form of visual communication. Whether it's for a print publication, digital publication or web banner/online image display ad, the ad space format (horizontal vs. vertical) along with the product or service you'd like to promote and imagery will work together in creating the most effective design.

Print or online, ultimately, an ad should be memorable and create brand awareness around your business or product. Regardless of the medium, advertising design is a creative business marketing solution which is intelligent, delivers your message, connects with your audience and is ultimately focused on driving sales and or leads.

advertising design for print publications

magazine ad design, print publication advertising Santa Fe, NM
From National magazines to trade and hospitality publications such as Visitor’s Guides (enticing you to visit their Spa, Bed & Breakfast or Restaurant) — magazine advertising may still be a viable option for your business.

A magazine advertising campaign can be part of an integrated marketing strategy. It can allow you to promote your business, products and services or special offer and reach the entirety of your audience.

ad design for digital publications

advertising designs for digital publications
Many publications now offer digital versions for viewing on iPads and tablets. If this is an option, you may want to place your ad in the digital version too. It could further expand your reach.

However, an important note to keep in mind is that not everyone prefers to use a digital device for viewing. People still love the tangible feeling of printed materials such as magazines within there hands! So do not exclude or alienate these folks from your customer base. This is espeically important if you advertise in local publications.

image display ads for online marketing campaigns

web banner image display ads for paid search campaigns
To complement your other advertising efforts, you may choose to have banner ads online via a paid search campaign. Or you've purchased an ad space on another online channel.

Effective campaigns start with great ads that are eye-cathing, attracts new customers with a "Call-to-Action", and best delivers the message or offer you wish to promote.

new project consultations
With over 17 years of print advertising design experience - ads appearing in National Magazines, Trade Publications, Hospitality/Tourism, Visitor's Guides and local Newspapers, and creating image ads for online search campaigns, Future Primitive can create a visually compelling ad for your business!