Why You Should Not Allow Your Domain Name or Website Hosting to Expire

domain name and website hostingAllowing your domain name and website hosting to expire could find you in some deep doo-doo. And it could cost you a butt-load of $$ if you want to buy your domain name back!!

This may seem like a rather mundane topic, but it’s actually pretty important. The consequences can be steep! So consider it part of good general website housekeeping.

In a nutshell, make sure to avoid cancellation!


Nefarious People Lay in Wait to Buy Your Domain

Yes, it’s true, there are evil doers everywhere and this arena is no exception. Folks literally lay in wait for you to make a mistake. The Internet is full of scammers as we know. And it can be confusing to know what is legit when you start receiving notices about your domain name expiring.

As a courtesy to existing clients, I advise them to forward me any suspect emails they may receive. This way I can inform them of what may need to be acted upon – such as renewing their domain name AND their hosting.

Not sure about domains and hosting?
This post clarifies the difference between domain names and website hosting.
It may seem obvious for savvy folks but to others it can be very helpful.


Getting Your Domain Name Back Could Cost You Hundreds if not Thousands of $$$

In essence what happens is folks will quickly buy up expired domain names. This is especially true for ones that may be valuable. That domain name initially cost you about $10-$15 for one year – right?  Although, it is advised to purchase you domain for a longer period but notwithstanding…

Now mind you, your entire business, brand, marketing etc has been built on this name. That includes you business listings on Google, Bing, Yelp etc. And if you’ve been diligent, then you’re hopefully ranking pretty well among the search engines via SEO – yay!

Then you inadvertently ignore your domain name renewal notice and poof your site is gone!! You scramble to renew it only to find out someone else has purchased it. Now your $10 domain name is going to cost you $500 or maybe $3000!! That is if you can get it back at all. Your hands are tied. Not pretty is it? And YES, this really happens!!


What About Website Hosting?

Staying on top of your Website Hosting should not be ignored either. This can get dicey too if left unchecked. It’s not like scamming your domain name if ignored though.

Hosting companies have no obligation to you if you don’t pay on a regular basis. You gotta pay the piper if you want your content and website to stay live. Think of it like paying rent (you are technically renting the online space). Otherwise it’s like you’ve been evicted! So avoid cancellation!

And if you haven’t been backing up your database, you could lose ALL OF YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT!!! Not a pretty scenario 🙁


If Your Credit Card is Hacked, Update Your Info!!

The Credit Card you may have initially associated with your Website Hosting or Domain account may get hacked. Sadly, this does happen. If you are on “auto-renew” and forget to update your account with new CC info – this can cause you to lose your site too!

Just like updating other accounts you may have associated with your CC, make sure your site hosting stays on your radar too.


Pay Attention to those Renewal Notices…
Don’t ignore those renewal notices. Keep tabs on things. Set-up “Auto-renew” if you know you can be kinda flakey. But be sure the CC you may use for payment is not expired. It is your business and responsibility after all…


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