Design Studio Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questionsIf you’ve never worked with a designer before, you likely have questions. The truth is, many folks are unfamiliar with the actual design process – what to expect and how it unfolds.

They may not be aware of their responsibility when working with a creative professional.

If that’s the case, you’ll likely find the following information quite useful. The list below covers some very common frequently asked questions.


All Businesses Have Policies in Some Form –
Design is No Different

First and foremost, it’s important to set the record straight. Designers ARE business owners. Just like restaurants have policies such as “no shirt, no shoes – no service!”
Each design studio will likely have different policies and procedures as well.

These can include:
• How to request design services.
Understanding a designer’s availability.
• They type of businesses a studio chooses to work with.
Among others…

It’s highly recommended for a potential client to take the time to learn about the designer. Most have an “About Me” page on their website allowing you to get a sense of who they are via a bio. Taking time to view their online portfolio is also beneficial. Doing will give you a sense of their work style and if it aligns with your vision.

Professionalism on both sides of the business relationship needs to be adhered to. The principles of mutual respect apply. It also lays the foundation for effective communication which is paramount during any project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With the above being said, this list or frequently asked questions below is a snapshot of questions clients generally inquire about…

  • Who is the right creative professional for your needs?
  • What is the time frame on a project?
  • What is the pricing, fees and payment process?
  • Do you offer WordPress updates & maintenance?
  • Is SEO (search engine optimization) really necessary for a website?
  • What are the client’s responsibilities and necessary communication?
  • Why are your design prices not listed?
  • Do you provide any pro-bono work or offer discounted rates?

You may read the full list as well as the answers to the questions here.
The answers themselves actually provide an overview of studio policies.


Other things to keep in mind…

Design is a form of visual communication. The design process is one which unfolds between a creative and the client. Through an initial gathering of info, designers essentially interpret and transform your ideas through our creative concepts. They are translated into a unique finished product which communicates your message to your audience.

And most importantly to note: we do not work for free or on a speculative basis. You would not expect other businesses to work for free and design is no different.

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