I’d Love to Help You, But I Need Some info First…

Consultations for creative projects are an incredibly important part of the design process. They are for the benefit of both the client and designer. Regardless of the type of services you may require, by gathering relevant info via an initial consultation, it assists in determining what your creative needs may or may not be.

If you find yourself reaching out to a designer, it’s because you’re faced with a creative business challenge. There is likely a gap with where you are now and where you’d like to be. To close this gap and create a solution tailored to your needs, it starts with a consultation.

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Understanding a Graphic Designer’s Availability

understanding a designer's availability - ASAP may mean rush chargesWe now live in a world of immediate gratification. One where everything is urgent or
“I want it now”.

You may have that OMG moment where you realize you want a new logo, brochure or website for your business. And want it done ASAP!

However, your project’s desired completion date may not coincide with a designer’s availability.

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Do’s & Don’ts for Ad Design in Local Magazines and Publications

advertising design suggestions for your local rag paperAd design for publications has been a favorite of mine for some time. Perhaps it stems from my early roots working in the production dept of a local community newspaper group in San Diego. Papers came out weekly on Thursdays. Being part of the ad design team along with creating special sections for events kept us on our toes!

You quickly learned which ads did well with their content and messaging and which ads needed improvement. Sadly, more often than not, it was the biz owners who insisted on including info that did not always work in their favor…

Don’t poo poo print entirely!
Just about every town/city etc. has one if not several local print publications – not to mention Visitor’s Guides. All of these present opportunities for you to get your name out there about your business. Many of these publications now have digital versions, so your ad can potentially drive business to online/offline subscribers allowing you to deliver your message to reach the entirety of your audience.

• If you’re a new business, running an ad in local publications to promote a “Grand Opening” is certainly worth considering.

• If you’re an existing business promoting a special event, then running an ad to get the word out is an option too.

• If tourism in a major part of the economy and your industry is some form of hospitality, dining or recreation then advertising in a Visitor’s Guide should not be overlooked.

So don’t completely dismiss or poo poo doing any type of print or magazine publication advertising entirely. The fact is, depending on your type of business or the audience you wish to reach, it may still be a viable option as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

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How to Properly Maintain a WordPress Website

maintain wordpress siteCountless websites run on the WordPress CMS platform – and with good reason. However, properly maintaining your WordPress site or blog is more important than you may realize. And it’s not just about adding new posts or content.

WordPress consistently updates its CMS platform. Staying up-to-date with these latest releases can ensure your site is working properly along with providing additional security protection.

If you self-manage your WordPress site of blog, then definitely pay attention to the info within this post.

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LinkedIn Connection Request Etiquette

linkedin connection puzzleDear people of LinkedIn, kindly read the following…

For the many on LinkedIn who claim to be “professionals”, it’s rather startling how few are able to act with any professionalism. That is, when it comes to utilizing best practices when sending out a LinkedIn connection request!


First and foremost, I do not profess to be some LinkedIn power user. I don’t have 500+ connections (I prefer quality over quantity). Nor am I a LinkedIn expert for acquiring leads etc. There are countless articles and books written on the topic. So knock yourselves out on those.

Plenty of “how-tos” on crafting the perfect LI profile etc etc..

Despite all the good LI info out there, it boggles my mind how may people fail to put these basic best practices into action. It’s a puzzle and the pieces just don’t fit. With that in mind, this post is part connection request etiquette and part ranting.

Perhaps actually implementing some of these best practices will reduce the likelihood of your LI connection requests from hitting the “Ignore” rather than the “Accept” button.
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