Local Magazine Advertising: Include this Info in Your Ad

advertising design suggestions for your local rag paperAdvertising design for publications has been a favorite of mine for some time. Perhaps it stems from my early roots working in the production dept of a local community newspaper group in San Diego. Papers came out weekly on Thursdays. Being part of the ad design team along with creating special sections for events kept us on our toes!

You quickly learned which ads did well with their content and messaging and which ads needed improvement. Sadly, more often than not, it was the biz owners who insisted on including info that did not always work in their favor…

For the record, before you completely dismiss print publication advertising entirely, it may still be a viable option as part of an integrated marketing strategy. One that can promote your business or event, deliver your message and reach the entirety of your audience.

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Business Card Blunders – Avoid These Errors

Business Card BlundersThe humble business card appears to have a bad rap these days. And the blunders that go with them seem to be an all too common occurrence.

The jury may be out whether business cards are still necessary. Professionally speaking, I believe YES they are! Sorry millennials & Smartphones users, you won’t be winning this battle just yet.

For the record, there are digital business cards you can “hand out” using your mobile phone. The steps involved can be tricky, so avoid digital business cards for now. Eventually digital may replace paper cards. But for now nothing can replace the ease of physically handing someone an actual card. It’s a more tactile moment.

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Your Logo – Creating Your Business Identity

your logoYour logo can be a crucial factor in establishing the identity associated with your brand. You want to create an identity that is distinct and sets you apart from the competition. Basically capturing the essence of your business in a logo design.

Picking a business name before your logo is created needs to be seriously considered. Such as “What may inspire the customer?” instead of simply what resonates with you.

A Logo Alone Does Not Sell a Brand…

While a logo alone does not sell a brand — the business/company and its reputation are responsible for the sale of both the brand and its logo. It is however, part of a business strategy – one that can help define your business to the outside world. Ideally your logo should be distinct and memorable. You want a design that’s unique to you and your business. One that properly represents your company ensuring that you’re consistent and recognizable across all media.
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Print is NOT Dead

crime-scene- tape print is not deadPrint Is NOT Dead…

Despite popular belief print is not dead. While its usage may have shifted, if you look all around you on a daily basis, you will see print is still very much alive!

Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing that all the packaging (ok some packaging is unnecessarily excessive) but regardless, imagine it’s all blank. No pictures, graphics or anything visual to appeal to your senses. Just plain text that says “Coffee”, “Cookies” or “Milk”. How boring would that be and or how likely would you be to buy it?

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