Earth Day Ideas for Business Owners

“Each year, communities across the world celebrate Earth Day as a way to increase awareness of environmental issues”

earth day for business ownersEarth Day is right around the corner on April 22.

It may be viewed as just for “Treehuggers”. However, if you’re a business owner (who wants to make the world a better place with their products or services), then participating in a local Earth Day event could be a golden opportunity to introduce people to the things you offer and or do!


Depending on where you live, many of these are free community events organized by a city’s local Sustainable Council and created to showcase companies, agencies and organizations that provide products, services, resources and information to assist and educate residents in making more sustainable choices.

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Earth Day 2017 Making a Difference vs. Just Making $$

earth day 2017 treeEarth Day 2017 is just about upon us rolling in on Saturday April, 22nd. Truth be told, I’m a mighty big fan of this big, blue marble we call home. I love the trees and critters too.

So with Earth Day approaching, I have to ask: are you just into making a buck with your business – or are you looking to make a difference too?


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Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017 is just about upon us. It’s time to
“Turn Up The Dark”

Earth Hour 2017 coming up this weekend. In staying with my roots as an advocate for this big blue marble we call home, I like to dedicate a post to this event. So it’s time for a shout out for Mother Earth!

“Each year, millions of people around the globe unite for an hour to celebrate our amazing planet. Will you join us for Earth Hour in 2017?”

In 2016 over 12,700 major landmarks switched off the lights, 178 countries and territories participated and 2.4 million people got involved and took actions.

Considering all the craziness going on with our current reckless administration – wanting to strip away important protections for clean air and water like the EPA, this is important – now more than ever!


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Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour 2016 – Shine Your Light on Climate Action

As a HUGE advocate of protecting this big blue marble we call home, once again this year I like to dedicate a post to the upcoming Earth Hour 2016. I love being part of this yearly event. It’s something all of us can celebrate and is as simple as turning off the lights and or unplugging for an hour on Saturday March 19, 2016 8:30 pm your local time.

What is Earth Hour?

Not sure what it is? Here’s a great description from essentially where it all began:

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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day is April 22
Get Outside and Connect with Nature!

eco-chic bike - earth day 2014Earth Day is around the corner and it’s a wonderful day to get outside and connect with Nature.

Be it a trail, park, garden or preserve, there is likely a local space to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of what’s around you.

You could plant a little garden in your backyard. Short on space? Some containers on your balcony or patio will work great for a little planting too. Or pay a visit to a Botanic Garden. The possibilities are endless and no limits to the imagination!

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