Writing in ALL CAPS Appears Like You’re Shouting. DON’T Do It!!

man shouting all capsI once received an email from an aunt which was written in ALL CAPS. In my email reply, I asked why she was SHOUTING!?

Perplexed by my response, apparently she was oblivious to the fact that writing in ALL CAPS translated in to shouting.

Was she not aware of this? Shouldn’t it be a given? I guess there was some ‘splaining to do.


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Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017 is just about upon us. It’s time to
“Turn Up The Dark”

Earth Hour 2017 coming up this weekend. In staying with my roots as an advocate for this big blue marble we call home, I like to dedicate a post to this event. So it’s time for a shout out for Mother Earth!

“Each year, millions of people around the globe unite for an hour to celebrate our amazing planet. Will you join us for Earth Hour in 2017?”

In 2016 over 12,700 major landmarks switched off the lights, 178 countries and territories participated and 2.4 million people got involved and took actions.

Considering all the craziness going on with our current reckless administration – wanting to strip away important protections for clean air and water like the EPA, this is important – now more than ever!


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Understanding a Designer’s Availability

understanding a designer's availability - ASAP may mean rush chargesWe now live in a world of immediate gratification. Everything is urgent or
“I want it now”.

You may have that OMG moment where you realize you want a new logo, brochure or website for your business. And want it done ASAP!

The truth is, your project’s desired completion timeframe may not coincide with a designer’s availability.


Yes, things do pop-up. But as the saying goes, “your poor planning is not someone else’s problem”. This can certainly apply in the case of a designer you may want to work with. So an explanation is in order – along with some tough luv…
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When Life Abruptly Humbles You

We all have those moments when life abruptly humbles us. When we think, hmmm maybe if I had done something a bit differently, there would have been a better outcome? Well l recently had one of those moments that landed me with a fractured right wrist! And while the topic is neither design nor environmental related, I felt it worth sharing.

wrist-fracture-1As anyone that knows me and my love of the outdoors, also knows that Snowboarding is one of my passions. And it appears that every few years I find myself with an injury and apparently 2013 was my year! Needless to say a cheap-shot getting off the ski-lift followed by the definitive crack of my wrist was not what I was going for – but hey, what can you do?!

A broken bone really does have an odd feel to it. And pain is a funny thing too as after snowboarding down the mountain in a bit of a pain induced blur – gently cradling my arm and grateful for a friend who helped me get out of my gear and to Ski Patrol where I was splinted up, followed by the excruciating drive home ( I drive a stick-shift ouch! ) — makes one realize what the human body can do and just how much it can endure! Continue reading