How to Request Services from a Graphic Designer…

… so they will want to work with you
request servicesNeed to request services from a graphic designer or creative professional? There’s a right way and a wrong way if want them to want to work with you.

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” So how you present yourself or business when you request services matters.

Think of it in terms of an attorney taking you on as a client. There’s a process involved. You’ll need to provide relevant info and reflect a level of commitment so that he may win your case. Hiring an attorney may be an investment, but it should ideally be a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you request creative services it can be thought of in a similar vein. Projects should be a “win-win” for both sides as you are both business owners creating value for each other.
Ideally the following information will provide some tips for the next time you may need to request any services from a creative professional.

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Why Consultations for Creative Projects are So Important

If you are faced with a creative business challenge there is likely a gap with where you are now and where you’d like to be. To close this gap and create a solution tailored to your needs, it starts with a consultation.

consultation project ideasIs your car acting up? Do you need to pay the Doc a visit due to injury or illness? In each case, both the mechanic and the Doc will ask you important questions about you or your car’s “symptoms”. They need to gather preliminary information to get to the root of your particular situation and what the best solution may be to resolve it.

If you require graphic design, SEO or say website maintenance services, by asking relevant questions via an initial consultation, it assists in determining what your creative needs may or may not be.

“Asking good questions promotes engagement, builds relationships and gives deeper insights into a customer or prospect’s needs.”

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What a Creative Services Retainer Is and How It Works

This post updated February 1, 2018

creative services retainerA creative services retainer is a fee paid up-front for a specified number of hours of work within a given time period. Usually it’s monthly.

This means you pay a monthly fee for a predetermined number of hours for a creative to deliver a set amount of work each month.

The details and scope of work are clearly outlined within a contract.


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Local Magazine Advertising: Include this Info in Your Ad

advertising design suggestions for your local rag paperAdvertising design for publications has been a favorite of mine for some time. Perhaps it stems from my early roots working in the production dept of a local community newspaper group in San Diego. Papers came out weekly on Thursdays. Being part of the ad design team along with creating special sections for events kept us on our toes!

You quickly learned which ads did well with their content and messaging and which ads needed improvement. Sadly, more often than not, it was the biz owners who insisted on including info that did not always work in their favor…

For the record, before you completely dismiss print publication advertising entirely, it may still be a viable option as part of an integrated marketing strategy. One that can promote your business or event, deliver your message and reach the entirety of your audience.

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