Business Card Blunders – Avoid These Errors

Business Card BlundersThe humble business card appears to have a bad rap these days. And the blunders that go with them seem to be an all too common occurrence.

The jury may be out whether business cards are still necessary. Professionally speaking, I believe YES they are! Sorry millennials & Smartphones users, you won’t be winning this battle just yet.

For the record, there are digital business cards you can “hand out” using your mobile phone. The steps involved can be tricky, so avoid digital business cards for now. Eventually digital may replace paper cards. But for now nothing can replace the ease of physically handing someone an actual card. It’s a more tactile moment.

From My Observations…

… business card blunders seem to take place at a high frequency by vendors or participants at events such as art shows, craft fairs, etc.

It’s amazing how many times I have heard folks at shows/events say “oh I forgot them” or “I did not think I would need them”. Seriously?? The “I’m too-right brained to consider such matters” is a terrible excuse.

If anything you should be even more on top of it – or hire a designer to create cards for you. Lord knows, business cards are now so inexpensive to have printed.


Business Card Blunders – Avoid these Mistakes

A Crappy Card Could Be Costing You Lost Sales

money bags lost salesThere’s nothing worse than meeting someone at an event and you have nothing to hand out but a ripped-up piece of paper! Sorry folks, in this day and age there’s no excuse! Remember, this is YOUR business we’re talking about. With business card blunders like these, it’s likely you’re losing out on potential sales – ones that are being left on the table.

Sadly I have been to far too many events where this is exactly what happened. Not exactly a great first impression for a new customer – especially if I wanted to visit their website later to make a purchase.

Even if you don’t have an online store, a business card – which includes a link to your website (YES, you should have a website) allows folks to learn more about you. They can see more of the beautiful work you create as well as other upcoming shows, fairs or events where your work may be featured.


What to Include on Your Business Cards

Depending on your industry, profession etc., there may be other elements that should be included on your business cards. But for the purposes of this article, its focus is on common oversights observed regarding those who participate in creative public facing events such as craft fairs, art shows or even farmers markets.

  • Simplicity does it – go for a clean, quality design.
  • If you have a logo, be sure to include it.
  • Business name and contact info – phone, email
    – in today’s digital age YES, you DO need an email address.
    – it’s not necessary to include your physical address if your
    business is a home office but do include your city or town.
  • Include a small image or two of your works – allowing folks to
    easily remember and visually identify with you
  • Include links to your website, Etsy shop or other online store.
  • You SHOULD have a website – NOT just a Facebook page!

Regardless of your industry, have business cards with you at all times! You may find yourself handing one out in the unlikeliest places!!


Going the Extra Mile with Your Marketing Efforts

Even if it’s just a hobby, you’re likely at an event to sell your work. So if you want to go the extra mile with your marketing efforts then have postcards too. Better yet, go for a Rack Card. Both of these give you more visual real estate to work with and can be a multi-purpose printed piece!

At an event, be sure your cards are easily visible and accessible. Don’t hide them forcing folks to have to ask you for one. Often you may be engaged in conversation and other prospect may just walk away rather than wait around just to ask for your card.

Business cards are part of your print collateral materials used to market and promote your business. So if you have a booth or are participating at a public facing event or show your cards should be readily available. This way you have something professional to hand out that properly represents you and for folks to remember you by 🙂


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