What is Print Collateral?

Supporting Print Materials to Promote Your Business

print collateral tri-fold brochureWondering what print collateral is? I like to call it fancy-pants terminology for printed materials to market and promote your business.

Basically, print collateral materials are a collection of printed “leave-behind materials”. They are used to support the product, service or event your company may be trying to promote.


“Many businesses may be moving away from creating any printed materials at all, but depending on your industry and target market, printed materials may still be necessary to reach the entirety of your audience and as a viable part of an integrated marketing strategy for your business.”

Print collateral materials are part of a company’s marketing and advertising assets

In today’s competitive landscape, you need to provide supporting information about your company’s products or services. Your business success may depend on how well you communicate what you have to offer. Printed materials give folks something tangible to read over. With the right information in can work its way towards closing a sale.

Printed collateral materials come in a vast array of sizes and formats. So depending on your needs, budget or promotion, there are many options available. Also worth noting, with digital printing, you no longer have to print vast amounts which can save you $$.
And it avoids unnecessary paper waste.

Collateral materials can include:

  • Brochures
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Pocket presentation folders
  • Thank-you cards
  • Posters
  • Sales sheets and more


Print Is Still Alive…

Despite popular belief, print is NOT dead! Look around you. Visually communicating your message via different forms of printed collateral materials is very much alive! A diverse marketing strategy still utilizes some types of printed collateral materials.

Company’s may have chosen to scale back on creating some items or their printed quantities reduced. They may have been replaced by a company’s website or perhaps a .pdf brochure you can download over a printed version. But give folks an option. Because the truth is, not everyone wants to view a .pdf brochure via a tablet or smartphone!


At Least Have Business Cards – YES, They Still Matter

Business cards still matterDon’t think you need any print materials? At the very least, have business cards. They are still a worthy investment.

A professionally created business card should include your logo/identity, the services you provide and your contact information at the very least. They also allow you to be more memorable too. So yes, business cards still matter!

You just never know when someone will ask you for your business card. So keep a stash with you at all times 🙂


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