Website Maintenance – Why It’s So Important to Keep Your Site Updated

“if you aspire to reach others, keep things fresh”
website maintenance fresh content Imagine you walk into a grocery store and looking around you notice that all of the products are outdated. The produce is passed it’s prime. The milk is expired.

Then you look across the street and notice a competitor who has a window full of fresh fruits and veggies. He’s gone to great lengths to make sure his products are fresh and appealing. Where do you think you’ll be shopping in the future?


In line with that analogy, keeping your site updated is all too often the forgotten sun of good online business practices.

From a search optimization perspective, ignoring your site for extended periods can spell death as Search Engines and users need a reason to come to your site – and they prefer high quality, relevant “fresh food”.

Unattended websites left “adrift” for months (or years) at a time with no updates or new content generally yield very poor performance. As such, keeping your website content updated is a vital aspect as it can contribute to the ongoing success of your business.

It’s a misconception to think a website is a one time set-it and forget-it thing.
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Is Your Website Taking a Back Seat to Your Facebook Page?

facebook pageAre you ignoring your business website in favor of your Facebook page? If so, it could be hurting your business.

All too often business owners simply post new information to their Facebook page rather than their actual business website. They may not have the technical expertise or knowledge to do otherwise. So this is the quick, easy and cheaper way to get new info about their biz out there.

However, what may seem cheaper/easier to you initially may not be convenient for your customers. So this could be costing you more in the long run.

Current estimates place about 52% of the population using social media regularly. A % of your customers may be coming from the likes of Facebook. But what about the other 48%? They may not be using Social Media, but more than likely they are online and perhaps paying your website a visit.

The fact is, social media (in any form) should not replace your actual business website or the ongoing attention it requires.
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Why Consultations for Creative Projects are So Important

If you are faced with a creative business challenge there is likely a gap with where you are now and where you’d like to be. To close this gap and create a solution tailored to your needs, it starts with a consultation.

consultation project ideasIs your car acting up? Do you need to pay the Doc a visit due to injury or illness? In each case, both the mechanic and the Doc will ask you important questions about you or your car’s “symptoms”. They need to gather preliminary information to get to the root of your particular situation and what the best solution may be to resolve it.

If you require graphic design, SEO or say website maintenance services, by asking relevant questions via an initial consultation, it assists in determining what your creative needs may or may not be.

“Asking good questions promotes engagement, builds relationships and gives deeper insights into a customer or prospect’s needs.”

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Writing in ALL CAPS Appears Like You Are Shouting!

man shouting all capsI once received an email from an aunt which was written in ALL CAPS. In my email reply, I asked why she was SHOUTING!?

Perplexed by my response, apparently she was oblivious to the fact that writing in ALL CAPS translated in to shouting.

Was she not aware of this? Shouldn’t it be a given? I guess there was some ‘splaining to do.


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Will Building Your Own Website Really Save You Money?

being a DIYER - building your own websiteThere are now countless website building tools available. Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy’s website builder, Squarespace, Shopify (for e-commerce) and WordPress (for the more tech savvy) to name a few.

Your mindset may be, “why should I pay a designer for something I can do myself?” But just because you can does not necessarily mean you should.

While they claim you can “create a stunning website in minutes” – which is great. However, what about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? These site builders may have nifty “drag and drop” design tools which may yield a “stunning site”. But without a site being properly search optimized or not having an SEO strategy in place, it’s like not having a website at all!

So ask yourself, is being a DIYER (do-it-yourselfer) by building your website really saving your business money?

The fact is, being a DIYER may actually be costing your business more. That is, in terms of time and money without the results you may expect. Those are energies which could best be spent elsewhere – doing what you do best – like running your business!
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