Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour 2017 is just about upon us. It’s time to
“Turn Up The Dark”

Earth Hour 2017 coming up this weekend. In staying with my roots as an advocate for this big blue marble we call home, I like to dedicate a post to this event. So it’s time for a shout out for Mother Earth!

“Each year, millions of people around the globe unite for an hour to celebrate our amazing planet. Will you join us for Earth Hour in 2017?”

In 2016 over 12,700 major landmarks switched off the lights, 178 countries and territories participated and 2.4 million people got involved and took actions.

Considering all the craziness going on with our current reckless administration – wanting to strip away important protections for clean air and water like the EPA, this is important – now more than ever!


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Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour 2015 Power Down for the Planet

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Earth Hour 2015 – Power Down for the Planet

On the heels of the previous post about the Colorado Environmental FIlm Festival and while we’re on a environmental theme, Earth Hour 2015 is coming up on Saturday March 28, 2015 8:30 pm local time.

Get ready to turn out the lights, power down your electronics, turn off the TV, light some candles and just chill and enjoy with family or friends. Earth Hour is “uniting people to protect the planet.”

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Earth Day 2013 — Honor the Planet

“What we do in life echos in eternity!”
beautiful trees for earth dayWith Earth Day 2013 a few days away (Monday April 22nd) there are likely celebrations taking place this weekend –
fit for friends and family alike. A simple Google Search with your general location included will likely yield a bounty of events — some which may be in your very town or city. My past outings to such Earth Day events has always been such positive experiences — opportunities to speak to like-minded individuals passionate about protecting the Planet, learn of new eco-innovations or in my case, last year, to come home with an armful of little sapling pine trees to plant!

It’s great for families to get outside with their kids. To turn off the electronics and take a Nature break. You may find out about a Recycling Center that you did not know was in your neighborhood or even spark an interest in your child for the environment that you did not know was there. Either way, it’s a very good thing! Earth Day is great – however, it’s better when it’s not just one day of the year but it can be a way to learn about potentially integrating some positive life-style changes that can benefit what you eat, the energy you use among many other things and the impact it may have on the Planet.  Continue reading