Design Studio Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questionsIf you’ve never worked with a graphic or web designer before, you likely have questions. The truth is, many folks may be unfamiliar with the actual design process. They may wonder what to expect and how it unfolds. And they may not be aware of their responsibility when working with a creative professional.

If that’s the case, you’ll likely find the following information quite useful. The list below covers some very common frequently asked questions.
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Bad Design Can Negatively Impact Your Business

cost of bad designBad design can have negative impacts on your brand. It can cost you in lost sales and revenue!

Consider some of the following:

• Does your logo use a juvenile looking font? (this is ok if you’re say a daycare center).
• Do your color choices scream dated & tacky?
• Are your images pixelated .jpegs (very bad).
• Can people even identify with your brand?
• What message are you trying communicate?

Do some of these things apply to you?
If so, what might it be saying about your business?

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How to Request Services from a Designer

How to Request Services from a Designer –
(so that they will want to work with you)

request servicesNeed to request services from a designer? Well there’s a right way and a wrong way to do so. That is if you actually want them to want to work with you. This is not some elitist attitude. How you present yourself or your buisness matters.

Be it graphic design, web design, logo development, site maintenance or SEO, there are things you need to know.

Ideally the following information will provide a good point of reference for the next time you may require some creative services.

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