Stop Writing in ALL CAPS!

man shouting all capsI once received an email from an aunt which was written in ALL CAPS. I replied to her email and asked why she was SHOUTING!?

She seemed perplexed by my response? Apparently she was oblivious to the fact that writing in ALL CAPS translated to shouting. I, in turn, wondered why she was not aware of this? You would think it was a given. Not so much. I guess there was some ‘splaining to do.


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Earth Day 2017 Making a Difference vs. Just Making $$

earth day 2017 treeEarth Day 2017 is just about upon us rolling in on Saturday April, 22nd. Truth be told, I’m a mighty big fan of this big, blue marble we call home. I love the trees and critters too.

So with Earth Day approaching, I have to ask: are you just into making a buck with your business – or are you looking to make a difference too?


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Email Etiquette for Business Communications

“If you want to be a professional, you need to act like one. That means setting up a branded domain and website for your business. Potential clients will see that you mean business, and they will be far more likely to work with you.”

email etiquette for business communicationsEmail etiquette very often goes out the window in our informal world. And with email as a primary mode for professional business communications, you should pay a bit more attention to some important details.

Realistically, email takes more time, effort and thought. Which is a good thing. That is if you want to reflect professionalism by better engaging with business owners or customers. Texting, imho, is like speaking in grunts and clicks (and why I do not do it with clients).

So the following email etiquette information is important. It’s especially so if you are communicating with someone for the first time!
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