Blogging as Part of Your Inbound Content Marketing

Blogging as Part of Your Inbound Content Marketing

“Creating remarkable content is one of the core components of inbound marketing, and one of the best ways to generate a steady flow of fresh content is by publishing a business blog.”

maintaining your blog as part of your content marketingThe main ingredient of any inbound marketing plan is content. It’s about content that talks, walks, and thinks like the consumer — and answers every possible question or need they may have (content marketing). As Content Remains King having a content marketing stratgey in place needs to be considered.

Content creation helps you arrive at the ultimate goal of providing your users or prospective customers with information and solutions and all this great content works in support of your SEO. But keep in mind, while the fundamentals of good SEO remain essential, however SEO is no longer about just ranking for a few select keywords. You NEED CONTENT!

Google may be able to put you in front of people — but it’s up to your content to deliver!

Focus on Quality with Your Blog Posts

It is no secret that one of the best ways to generate a steady flow of fresh content is by publishing a business blog. A blog can be an invaluable business tool – one that provides countless opportunities for you to gain authority and credibility by sharing knowledge and expertise within your industry. Offer interesting and compelling content that encourages website visitors to become your customers. People LOVE helpful, interesting info which can be shared and Search Engines do too!

Be Consistent With Posting to Your Blog

Reflecting credibility with your content is incredibly important. As it is often the case, when folks decide they want a website created for thier business and want it to include a blog, they quickly negate the importance of consistently posting content to it. Much like the importance of website maintenance, you should be consistent with your blog and it’s posts. That means posting to your blog once every six months just isn’t going to cut it.

Extended periods between posts may give the perception that you are out of business –
so there goes your credibility!

If you’re not exactly the best wordsmith, you can hire someone to do the posts for you – but only you know your business best. Another option is to invite guest contributors to share content and posts on your blog. They can be colleagues or other thought leaders in your field who may be more than happy to share their knowledge with your audience.

Keep in mind, Google has cracked down on senseless content, so you want ensure that your post content is relevant and high-quality.

Optimizing Your Blog Posts

From an SEO standpoint having a steady stream of fresh content is a win-win situation. It’s “nourishmentt” for your blog. And it can keep people coming back for more which is want you want. However, blog posts NEED TO BE OPTIMIZED for maximum visibility and this is where many folks drop the ball. It’s not just about optimizing for Search Engines either. It’s about optimizning for humans!

People like pictures, videos or other visuals so be sure to include those too. Not to mention they offer up further opportunites to optimize your post – which you really want to do. 

Social Sharing icons – don’t forget to include them on your posts! Great content deserves to be shared so be sure you give folks options to do so.

As for Comments on your posts – yes they can offer up opportunities for engagement. Unfortunately having Comments active can also bring out the Trolls! So If you don’t have someone deidcated to moderate potential Comments on your posts, then turn them off! However, you may decide to have them active on a post by post basis.

Blogging can be an invaluable business tool. It helps build credibility, shares information, offers engagement and overall can be a positive reflection of your business and works as part on your inbound content marketing efforts. It’s also incredibly important to your audience and the Search Engines alike!


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