How To Claim Your Business Listing On Google

google my business imageAre you a  business who serves local customers with its products or services? Want your business to show up on Google Maps when someone performs a search? If so, you’ll want to claim your business on Google My Business asap!

This is a FREE listing that even if you don’t have a website can allow you to show up on local searches.

One caveat, you DO need to be an actual licensed business.


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What is Print Collateral?

Supporting Print Materials to Promote Your Business

print collateral tri-fold brochureWondering what print collateral is? I like to call it fancy-pants terminology for printed materials to market and promote your business.

Basically, print collateral materials are a collection of printed “leave-behind materials”. They are used to support the product, service or event your company may be trying to promote.


“Many businesses may be moving away from creating any printed materials at all, but depending on your industry and target market, printed materials may still be necessary to reach the entirety of your audience and as a viable part of an integrated marketing strategy for your business.”

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How a Creative Services Retainer Works

creative services retainerA creative services retainer is a fee paid up-front for a specified number of hours of work within a given time period. Usually it’s monthly.

This means you pay a monthly fee for a predetermined number of hours for a creative to deliver a set amount of work each month.

The details and scope of work are clearly outlined within a contract.


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Why New Project Consultations are So Important

project consultationsNew project consultations are an incredibly important aspect to zero in and determine what your creative needs may or may not be.

Are you faced with a creative business challenge? If so, there is likely a gap with where you are now and where you’d like to be. To close this gap and create a solution that is tailored to your needs, it starts with a consultation.


Like taking your car to a mechanic, or to the Docs for an injury or illness, each will ask you important questions about your “symptoms”. They need to gather preliminary info to get to the root of the situation and what the best solution may be to resolve it.

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