Don’t Let Your Website Take a Back-Seat to Your Facebook Page!

facebook pageBusinesses have become so obsessed with their Facebook page. In doing so, sadly they are ignoring their website. Your Facebook page is a marketing tool whereas the goal is to drive potential customers to your business asset – which is your website.

People defend FB like a mother bear defending her young. That may be all well and good. But it should not replace your business website.

Yes, your Facebook page can be a great way to engage with people as a social media platform. However, for those of us who want to “get in, get out and get on their way”, having to navigate through much of the mindless chatter of FB is just not an option.

So if I’ve come to your website in search of information and am deferred to your Facebook page – no bueno!! You’ve just lost me as a potential customer. And as a business, your credibility may be shot too.

A Website Acts as a Hub

Social media such as Facebook can help drive traffic and business to your website. The “silver bullet” is the integration of the different channels in support of your marketing initiatives. So your website and FB page can definitely work together, rather than independently of each another – AND ideally should both be kept current.

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Stop Writing in ALL CAPS!

man shouting all capsI once received an email from an aunt which was written in ALL CAPS. I replied to her email and asked why she was SHOUTING!?

She seemed perplexed by my response? Apparently she was oblivious to the fact that writing in ALL CAPS translated to shouting. I, in turn, wondered why she was not aware of this? You would think it was a given. Not so much. I guess there was some ‘splaining to do.


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Earth Day 2017 Making a Difference vs. Just Making $$

earth day 2017 treeEarth Day 2017 is just about upon us rolling in on Saturday April, 22nd. Truth be told, I’m a mighty big fan of this big, blue marble we call home. I love the trees and critters too.

So with Earth Day approaching, I have to ask: are you just into making a buck with your business – or are you looking to make a difference too?


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